Monday, August 15, 2011

LOVE this place!

For months, they've been in the process
of building a new IKEA
in Centennial, outside of Denver.
I've always heard about it,
browsed their website,
and seen ads for it in certain magazines...
but I was really quite clueless to how
GREAT this place actually is!

It opened a couple of weeks ago and caused
a major traffic issue in that area of town.
People were literally camped out
awaiting the grand opening
like it was American Idol auditions or something!
 I waited 2 weeks
to let the madness die down a bit and
finally took the plunge on Friday night 
with my husband and 4-year-old daughter.

Let me just say
that it was quite an experience,
like no other shopping center
I've ever been to before!
 The biggest surprise was that
they have FREE childcare for an hour
(an hour and a half if you're an IKEA Family Member)!
Bailey begged us to let her go!
No arguments from us!
She had a blast and I found some great deals!
We ended up buying
a white slipcovered sofa,
3 pendant lights for the kitchen,
a down insert,
a duvet,
a linen laundry bag,
and a hanging, metal/lace cut-out lantern
all for under $700!
Scroll down
to see the rest of my purchases...

If there's something you've had your eye on 
while browsing their website,
but don't have an IKEA store near you,
let me know and
I'll be happy to help you get it!!! 

Have a great week y'all!



  1. Ikea was a zoo when I went! I could barely get the girls and myself through the store! I will have to go back when I can browse a bit longer! Love your purchases.


  2. Hi there! We have IKEA in Australia too. I love to go up to Perth and browse around. I have also had my eye on the same couch!! I am a new follower.


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