Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Stanley Hotel

The Stanley Hotel

(or more properly called Autumn)
is my favorite time of year!

I was a Fall baby,
born in the
lovely month of October,
so perhaps that's why?
The Stephen King Scarecrow at The Stanley Hotel
(holding a copy of "The Shining"
that was inspired by The Stanley Hotel.)
We took a
little Mini-Fall-Vacation last week
up to Estes Park, CO.
My husband was there
for a business conference,
so Bailey
(my 4-year-old daughter)
and I tagged along
and spent some quality mom/daughter
time together!

We always stay at The Stanley Hotel.
It's a bit pricey,
but WELL worth it!
Every time we stay there,
they e-mail me a "thank you"
with a 20-25% OFF deal!
for our next stay.
(If you're a Colorado resident,
you can also receive a 15% discount)

It really is a beautiful hotel
and with Starbucks served
on the lower level
(in the Steamers Cafe) all day,
you can't go wrong!
The porch, however,
is my favorite feature of this hotel.
and has a beautiful view
of the Rocky Mountains.

Every night before bed,
I took Bailey down to the lobby
(already dressed in her PJs)
and we cozied up by the fire
to read her bedtime stories.
Beautiful window covering...I adored this window in our room!

The view from our room!
Our days were spent enjoying the scenery,
riding/walking around the lake,
looking at the elk, bowling
(yes, bowling...
it was Bailey's first time
and was pretty cold that day!),
shopping, dining
(we loved the cupcake shop),
relaxing on the porch
and playing hide-and-seek
and "chase"
on the front lawn
of the hotel.

Wonder if they'll EVER make these more fashionable?
They're still as ugly as they were 20 year ago!

I now pronounce you...Mr. and Mrs. Pumpkin Bride.
(lots of weddings take place there)
If you're local and have never been,
you MUST go!
If you're out of town and
looking for a nice vacation idea...
this just might be the one!

Happy Fall Y'all!



  1. We share the same birthday month!

    Beautiful photos...thanks for sharing!
    Bailey is so cute!

  2. Hi Destiny,
    Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment on my blog. I'm so glad I found you.

    I heart your blog header! It's just charming.
    Bailey look like a carbon copy of you, I especially noticed it, when your both sitting on the chair in the lobby!too cute!


  3. Wow! what a lovely place to vacation!

  4. HI Destiny! I enjoy following your blog and wanted to let you know I've chosen you as one of my Versatile Blog Recipients, check it out! devon

  5. Desiny,
    So glad to have found you again, via Devon at Ironstone and Pine, I previously visited you on your other blog when you were getting ready to possibly move back to TN. Congrats on the award! Your daughter is adorable and that hotel looks amazing! What a good time you all had! I'm your newest follower and would love for you to visit me!

  6. Hi Destiny,
    That window takes my breath away! What a beautiful place. Thanks for sharing and you two are the cutest. ; )

  7. What a wonderful hotel. I love all the pumpkin characters and that window covering is very pretty!


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