Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bargain Alert!

I found this cute little wall plaque
(wooden with hangers on back)
at Target yesterday for $1.00!

Thought I'd share it with you!
(They also had a couple of other sayings available.)

It's an inexpensive, but cute, decoration
to add to your
Valentine's Day decor.

We have SNOW today...
getting ready to go out and play in it
with my daughter.

Happy Wednesday Everyone!



  1. Hi Destiny,
    So nice to meet you over at my blog!! I love your cute little sign and the price sure was right. I wish there was a Target store closer to where I live, buth then that just means I would have a lighter wallet and that is probably not a good thing. LOL

  2. oh, i like that!! next stop - Target!!


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