Monday, January 16, 2012

Wasted Space

Do you have wasted space in your home?

If we all think about it,
there's probably atleast one room
that is not being used to its
fullest potential.
That is wasted real estate money!!!

I've been longing for an office
that wasn't in the cold
(but finished) basement.
I also wanted to have a reading room
that doubles as a room for
playing board games, etc. with my daughter.

On the flip side of that,
I have a formal living room and a dining room.
Neither of these rooms are were used very often
(We're away from family and
don't tend to have many visitors for dinner!)

escaping the "norm",
we went out on a limb and decided
to turn the formal living room into
my office
and the dining room into the
"reading/game room".

Once I got past the strange reality of
walking in through the front door
(though we usually enter through the garage)
to find my office,
I was certainly on board with the plan!

I'm so glad we went through with this idea
because I LOVE these rooms now
and they are actually being used!

I still have my room in the basement
(cute little room with pocket doors....but COLD).
It's going to be my crafting room
(complete with my former dining room table)
and shop inventory storage room.

I am feeling a bit spoiled right now
to actually have an office AND a crafting room.

Now the fun part begins...
decorating it all!

I will be very busy for the next week,
but can't wait to share
the after photos!

I'm hoping that this post will
get yor wheels turning
and perhaps convince
YOU to turn some of YOUR wasted space
into something that you can actually utilize!

Let me know if you do!!!

Have a great week y'all!


  1. We turned our formal living room into an office for me. Use it every day now! Have fun with your decorating!!

  2. Great idea! I can't wait to see the finished rooms. I loved seeing your rooms you did show us. :)
    I use all of my rooms! It's the finished basement I hate to go into, I call it "man land" down there. It's all games and bar and pool table. Not my cup of tea AT ALL!


  3. LOVE this! I am anxious to see what you do with the rooms!

    I too was fortunate and have a loving husband who finally relinquished the family room for my use as an office. AND it has the fireplace :)))))) Seriously spoiled I know but I LOVE it! So I am happy for you because I know how wonderful this is going to be for you!


    "Her" and Romeo

  4. Wow, you're new reading/game room and livingroom are so beautifully put together!!!
    We actually just switched our livingroom and diningroom around, and then converted the livingroom into a school room/family room, where I can homeschool our daughter. Right now, my romantic decor is not jiving too well with her school supplies, bulletin board, etc. and I think it will be quite a challenge to make everything aesthetically pleasing (as you have done) but at least we are using every room in our home to its fullest potential.

    I also want to thank you for congratulating me on my magazine feature last week; your kindness is much appreciated.


  5. Love to that all decorations but wish I decorate my new Homes for Rent to attract more and more customers.


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