Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy {belated} New Year!

I hope you all had a nice break during
the holidays!
Mine was very relaxing...
perhaps a bit TOO relaxing,
as I still haven't quite gotten back
"in the game"
{I'm still packing up decorations!!!}
I noticed that all across blogland,
everyone uses a single word
that will describe the new year for them.
Although, I really like that idea,
I've had a really hard time narrowing it down
to just one word!
I've decided to make 2012 a year for
taking chances and following dreams.
After letting go of my shop
in July or August(?),
I had a lot of time to think about life
and where I wanted to go with it.
There's no doubt that I still dream
of owning my own shop someday. 
Unfortunately, the timing is just not right yet.
how do you still do what you love to do
(which in my case is
being in the vintage and handmade business)
without having an actual brick and mortar shop?
The next best thing...
put yourself out there....
I've had a website for over a year now,
and though I do sell from it on occasion,
I haven't worked hard at it.
It's been more of a hobby than a job.
For 2012, I want to make it my JOB.
That means devoting more time and effort,
shopping (junking) more (is that possible?),
advertising, getting my name out there
(wherever there is),
and overall, just taking a chance 
to succeed at something I love to do.
I have a degree in English/Writing,
but my real job has been
raising my beautiful little girl
for the past (almost) 5 years.
As she gets closer to Kindergarten,
I feel that it's time to figure out
"what's next?".
So, after some free time and some soul searching...
I have decided that
2012 will be a year of growing
my vintage business...
through online sales,
local markets,
networking events,
and whatever else
I decide to take a chance with.
I'm planning to devote more time
to blogging as well...
I've met some really great people
in blogland
and can't wait to meet more this year!!!
Don't worry...we toasted to 2012 with Vitamin Water haha!
So here's to the New Year!

What's next for you?
Are you ready to follow your dreams
and take some chances?

My wish for you is that
this new year will give you
the courage to do what makes YOU happy!



  1. Great post! I too am gathering my thoughts about my biz and refocusing for 2012... and guess what? I have an English degree too. We have so much in common! Happy New Year!

  2. Great goals, I work parttime and decided that if I didn't get my internet shop off and running, list my antiques, create and sale I would get a full time job.YUK! I have been on a quest to have direction and stick to them. Yours sound great, I think many of us folks are on the same journey. Take care Kathy


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